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Welcome to Martel Engineering, Inc.!

Our firm strives to bring competent designs to our clients through the entire spectrum of the project: from design to construction. We take pride in the constructability of our designs and the quick turnaround time that is essential during construction. We strive to maintain the most cost effective solutions to each and every problem, priding ourselves on being “Contractor” Engineers, not “Book” Engineers. Quite simply, we work with our clients to produce plans and designs with practical applications in the real world rather than concepts that may work by the book but are difficult to apply in the field.

Highlighted by proven expertise and established industry relationships, Martel Engineering delivers a full range of engineering services, from commercial and residential to heavy construction and telecommunications. From consulting and designing to safety reviews and site walks, we are involved in every step of the process thanks to our proven versatility and knowledge in the field. Our team has many prestigious clients to our credit, small and large. And with two convenient locations in Worburn, MA and Windham, NH, Martel Engineering is a local firm with a local touch, meeting and exceeding your project demands as well as strict local, state, and federal standards.

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Martel Engineering Inc. Heavy Construction Services

As part of our heavy construction structural engineering services, we here at Martel Engineering are dedicated to the core values of safety, quality, leadership, and innovation in support of our municipal and contractor clients. We offer solutions throughout every stage of your project, ranging from field investigation and analysis to erection and demolition plans for contractor support.

  Martel Engineering Inc. Commercial Engineering Services

Here at Martel Engineering, we help our contractors meet the changing demands of the marketplace through innovative yet efficient designs for a variety of commercial clients, such as service facilities, high rises, tri-families, strip mall, and retail stores of all sizes. Innovative structural solutions are our focus, as part of our consulting, designing and structural analysis services.

  Martel Engineering Inc. Residential Engineering Services

Our team provides comprehensive residential structural engineering solutions as part of the building and renovation process. Martel Engineering specializes in home building, additions, renovations, foundations, retaining walls, and home inspections. We ensure your home is not only structurally safe but code compliant as well for the
safety of your family.

  Martel Engineering Inc. Telecommunication Services

Martel Engineering specializes in ensuring the cell phone towers around your community can support heavy antennas through detailed structural engineering support analyses, design consultations and thorough inspections for telecommunications companies. Here at Martel Engineering, we have the skillset, expertise and experience to rise above the competition.


Recent Projects

Martel Engineering - Residential Addition Project- For John H. Garabedian  

Residential Addition Project -
For John H. Garabedian

Foundation and structural design of an elevated exterior room. The room was constructed 12 feet off the ground on timber posts. This room was connected to the main home with a raised walkway platform.

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Office in Massachusetts
Michael E. Martel, P.E.
President, Structural Engineer

P.O. Box 2585
Woburn, MA 01888



Office in New Hampshire
Michael E. Martel, P.E.
President, Structural Engineer

44 Partridge Road
Windham, NH 03087